32 små film om Glenn Gould. Lyden af et geni. 1 DVD. Sony

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32 små film om Glenn Gould. Lyden af et geni. En film af Franqcois Girard.

1 DVD. Sony. Nyt eksemplar. Region 0. (alle lande)

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32 små film om Glenn Gould. Lyden af et geni. En film af Franqcois Girard.

1 DVD. Sony. Nyt eksemplar. Region 0. (alle lande)

Sony Music is proud to announce the DVD release of the highly acclaimed film 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould, which has been unavailable for many years

Internationally renowned pianist Glenn Gould had all the marks of genius – blinding talent, a craving for perfection and absolute bullheadedness. In THIRTY TWO SHORT FILMS ABOUT GLENN GOULD, director François Girard goes directly to the center of Gould’s ideas, his passions and his music. Using thirty-two elegantly constructed vignettes, the film span Gould’s life from the age of four until his untimely death aged fifty.

THIRTY TWO SHORT FILMS ABOUT GLENN GOULD opened in 1993 and won four Genie Awards by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television, including Best Picture and Best Director, as well as a special citation at the 1993 Toronto Film Festival. It has not been available on DVD for many years in the UK and is reissued to commemorate the 30th year since he passed, and the 80th year since his birth.

Review and description from Rovi:

The highly acclaimed and famously eccentric classical pianist Glenn Gould is the subject of this idiosyncratic film portrait. As the title suggests, Gould's life is explored through a series of thirty-two self-contained but interrelated vignettes, a structure inspired by Bach's "Goldberg Variations", the compositions that were the basis for one of Gould's most famous recordings. Fictional recreations, many starring an excellent Colm Feore as Gould, follow the musician from his precocious childhood to his early death at the age of fifty. Juicy biographical details like a surprising early retirement from public performance and an addiction to prescription drugs are featured prominently, but equal attention is paid to Gould's challenging theoretical ideas. Director Francois Girard refuses to provide easy explanations for the pianist's quirks, instead using his unconventional structure to provide great insight while suggesting the real Gould remains essentially unknowable. Especially interesting is the film's mix of dramatization and documentary, as it juxtaposes its fictional recreations with actual interviews with Gould's friends and associates.

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V Anders

Nov 18, 2018
Blandt mine kunder har jeg rigtig mange Glenn Gould fans, så her får du tilbudt noget helt specielt.
Fra en af mine levrandører, fik jeg dette unikke tilbud.
Det er dog ikke Glenn Gould selv der medvirker, dertil var han alt for sky og sær, så der findes meget lidt filmmateriale med den store pianst der døde i 1981. Men med en skuespiller der ligner ham rigtigt godt og opfører sig lige så underligt som originalen :-)
Al musikken der spilles i filmen er naturligvis med Glenn Gould. Og det er ikke svært at høre hvorfor han blev anset for at være et geni.

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