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  • Abbado, Claudio, LP.

    Claudio Abbado (1933-2014) was an Italian conductor. Abbado was among other things employed at La Scala Opera House in Milan (1968-86). 1986-91 he was Music Director of the Vienna State Opera and in 1989 chose the Berlin Philharmonic him to his musical director and permanent conductor, but in 2002 he resigned because of ill health

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  • Aksel Schiøtz. LP

    Aksel Schiøtz was a Danish tenor who toured Europe in the post-war years. He is probably best known for the Danish songs

  • Albeniz. LP

    Isaac Manuel Francisco Albéniz (29 May 1860 - 18 May 1909) was a Spanish composer and pianist.

    He appeared already at the age of four years as a child prodigy on the piano. Stack as a child from home and living by giving concerts, he settled in Leipzig and began studying music in particular by Liszt. Settled later in Barcelona. His last public appearance was in 1893, then he moved to Paris, and sacrificed himself now entirely to composition.

    In addition to his numerous piano works, he wrote five operas, three operettas, a handful of orchestral pieces and a dozen songs. None of them is special, he is remembered only for his piano works.

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  • Albinoni. LP

    Tomaso Albinoni (1671 - 1751) was a Venetian (Italian) composer who at the time was a famous opera composer, today he is only known for his instrumental music, and especially his beloved Adagio for strings and organ.

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  • Ancerl, Karel

    Karel Ancerl. Czech conductor

  • Anda, Geza, pianists...

    Geza Anda (1921 - 1976) was a Hungarian pianist. Geza Anda interpretations of Mozart's piano concerts have always been in a class of their own.

    When Bo Wiederberg used the Andanten from piano concert no. 21 as an underpinning music for his film Elvira Madigan with precisely Geza Anda, the concert in folk music has not actually been called otherwise since then.

    Now it's also an exceptionally beautiful theme, played by one of the great Mozart interpreters.

  • Angeles, V. de los. LP

    Victoria de los Angeles (1923-2005) was a Spanish lyric soprano of the greats. For me, the best la Boheme ever made it with her and Jussi Björling and Thomas Beecham. Together with Beecham she made also an excellent Carmen by Bizet, And many other great performances. In fact, she is the artist with the most recordings in EMI famous series Great Recordings of the Century.

  • Arrau, Claudio...

    Claudio Arrau. Pianist. Lp - vinyl.

  • Ashkenazy, Vladimir. LP

    Vladimir Ashkenazy. Is a Russian born (1937), pianist and conductor. Today Ashkenazy become an Icelandic citizen.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 31 items