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    • Taneyev. LP - Vinyl

      Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev (November 25, 1856 in Vladimir, Russia - June 19, 1915 in Djudkovo, Moscow, Russia) was a Russian composer, pianist, teacher and writer.

      Tanayev was a student of Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, at the Moscow Conservatory.

      He was also a piano soloist who first performed the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 1.

      He has written four symphonies, orchestral works, operas, etc.

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    • Taube, Sven-Bertil. LP...

      Sven-Bertil Taube is a Swedish singer and actor, born in 1934. He has particularly known for his beautiful voice and his interpretations of his father (Evert Taube) songs (visor).

    • Tchaikovsky. LP - Vinyl

      Pyotr (Peter) Ilyich Tchaikovsky (7 May 1840 - 6 November 1893) was a Russian national-romantic composer. Tchaikovsky composed the orchestra music, operas, ballet music and chamber music of high quality.

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    • Telemann. LP - Vinyl

      Georg Philipp Telemann (14 March 1681 in Magdeburg - June 25, 1767 in Hamburg) was a German composer. Telemann was one of his era's most prestigious composers, and he was incredibly productive. Just his great and utterly incalculable production was a contributing factor to his reputation later almost completely disappeared before he ascended through the 20th century was slowly rehabilitated.

      His church music includes 1,750 cantatas, passions over 40, 6 oratorios, 16 exhibitions, 23 hymns move as well as motets and other sacred works.

      His secular music includes approx. 50 operas, cantatas, ca. 1000 instrumental works, of which only approximately. 126 is maintained below about. 50 solo concertos, orchestral suites, symphonies, piano and organ music.

      Modern research has divides Telemann's works after TWV numbers (Telemann-Werke-Verzeichnis).

    • Technically excellent...

      In Plade-Klassikeren we have always been known to go very much into the sound quality, and instead of buying test records with weird sounds or an indifferent content, we have here collected a selection of some of the best sounding CD discs with a proper musical content. Of course, there is a difference in how well the different records are recorded, so we graduate them recording technology to the following standards.

      TG = Technical God. Which means that the record differs from the average by having a more open and natural sound.

      TF. = Technical very god. Which means that the record rises level-wise over the majority by having an excellent dynamic, a real sound balance, an excellent perspective, ie. that both the room and its dimensions are felt.

      TE = Technical Excellent. Our ultimate technical character, where everything is perfect. Such as. stereo and depth perspective, sound balance, soloists and possibly. singer's voices are reproduced openly and effortlessly. The dynamics of the plates are identical to directly cut records.

      TE + Where all the technical extremes are assembled together.

      The difference between a TE and a TE + record can only be heard at a real reference system.

      TG / F & TF / E = Average of the above groups.

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    • Tenors, Baritone,...

      Here for a rich selection of various gentlemen that provides a test of their ability. Tenors, baritones, bass, and everything in between

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    • Toscanini, Arturo, LP

      Arturo Toscanini (1867-1957). Was an Italian conductor who in 1930 and 1940 led the legendary NBC Symphony Orchestra. Toscanini had at the time same god status as the biggest pop stars today. Many composers saw it as a great honor that Toscanini first built their plants in the USA.

      He was known for his dictatorial chieftain with the musicians, it was not unusual that he fyrere his musicians for a concert in everyone's hearing, on the whole, he was shown a rather unpleasant man.

      Although some of the recordings, 80 years in the business, it is impressive to hear what power has had various scores.

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    • Works for Trumpet - LP

      The trumpet is the highest sounding brass wind instrument, the trumpet, trombone, baritonhornet, euphoniet and tuba. A musician who plays trumpet, called a trumpet player. By far the most common type of trumpet sounds in Bb - ie. tone is read as a C, sounds 2 half tones lower - but there are many other types Trumpets of this instrument family.

      All displayed titles are in stock. And we send that same day you paid.

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    Showing 1 - 18 of 44 items