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    • tKanawa, Kiri te, LP

      Kiri te Kanawa is a soprano from New Zealand born in 1944.

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    • Karajan, Herbert von. LP.

      Herbert von Karajan (5 April 1908 in Salzburg - July 16, 1989 in Salzburg, was one of the 20th century's most renowned conductors.

      Karajan music ideal described as conservative, with a strong emphasis on orchestral sound and a very precise and disciplined orchestral culture. It was an approach that suited the late romantic and impressionistic music, but not so well to the Baroque and certainly not to the newer music written after 1920.

      Another reason for Karajan's reputation was his interest in technology. He was every time one of the first to use the new techniques such. stereo sound, and LP and CD format, and was very particular to control plate production from selection of studio and recording company for the presentation of the results.

    • Kempe, Rudolf. LP

      Rudolf Kempe (June 14, 1910 in Dresden - May 12, 1976 in Zurich) was a German conductor.

      Kempe was oboist and played in several orchestras before becoming conductor at the opera in Leipzig in 1937. He directed Staatskapelle Dresden from 1949 to 1952. He was Georg Solti's successor as conductor of the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich from 1952 to 1954. He made his debut in the Bayreuth Festspielhaus in 1960. From 1961 to 1975 he directed the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, from 1965 to 1972 he worked with Tonhalle-Orchestra in Zurich, and from 1967 until his death he directed the Munich Philharmonic. In his last time, he was closely linked to the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

      Kempe is especially known for his performances and recordings by Richard Strauss, whose complete orchestral works he has recorded, and by Richard Wagner. Wikipedia

    • Kempff, Wilhelm, LP

      Wilhelm Kempff (1895 - 1991) was a German pianist, organist and composer.

      Kempff studied at the music college in Berlin, was 1924-29 director of the music college in Stuttgart, and then resided in Potsdam. As a pianist and organist he made himself known throughout Europe.

    • Khatjaturjan, Aram. LP

      Aram Khatjaturjan, 1903-1978, Armenian composer, one of the Soviet Union's most successful. He wrote symphonies, solo concertos, ballets (including Gajane with Sabre Dance 1942 Spartacus 1954), stage and film music and patriotic cantatas and songs. His music combines traditional Russian orkesterbrillans with insistent rhythms, and use of the features of the Caucasian folk.

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    • King's College Choir, LP

      King's College Choir is probably one of the best known and most used boys' choir. The choir was founded by King Henry VI the way back in 1441 and has since held the English choral tradition alive.

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    • Classical music for...

      Classical music for children is typical novice works. For example, Debussy chrildrens corner, Saint-Saen's animal carnival, Brittens Young person guide to the Orchestra. These works are easy to go by and give (hopefully) taste after more

    • Klemperer, Otto. LP

      Otto Klemperer. German conductor and composer. (1885-1973) Klemperer is widely recognized as one of the greatest conductors of the 20th century. His interpretations of Bach, Beethoven and Mahler still stands as a unique, also seen with today's eyes. So are the sound of these recordings excellent.

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    • Double Bass LP-Vinyl
    • Works for choir. LP

      Choral music consists of multi-part song written for mixed choirs (women's and men's voices together) and respectively. women's and men's shoes. The typical crew is four-part mixed choir, with the voices: Soprano, Alt, Tenor and Bas. Here are the great classic requirements of eg. of Verdi, Mozart and Brahms, Handel Messiah and Haydn's Creation and Seasons.

    • Kovacevich, Stephen....
    • Kremer, Gidon. LP

      Gidon Kremer is a Latvian violinist and conductor born in 1947. He left the Soviet Union in 1980 and settled in Germany. Kremer is known for his great work of moving the lesser-known contemporary composers and their works.

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    • Krips, Josef. LP

      Josef Krips (1902-1974) was an Austrian conductor. Together with Karl Böhm he stands for the utmost that can be twisted out of Mozart's scores. His 1955 edition Don Giovanni is still used as a reference for many magazines, and his interpretations of the Mozart's late symphonies are incomparable.

    • Kubelik, Rafael. LP

      Rafael Kubelik was a Czech conductor of violinist (1914-1996) He started his career as a violinist in the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra as a 19 year old. In 1939 he became the conductor of the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra. He had his controversy with the German occupying power. After the war, when the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia in 1948, he fled to the West, first to England and later to the United States.

      Kubelik has always made a good effort to promote his native country's composers.

    • Kuhlau, Friedrich. LP
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    Showing 1 - 18 of 58 items