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    • Handel, CD

      Georg Friedrich Händel (23 February 1685 - 14 April 1759) was a German-English Baroque composer, who is known for his operas, oratorios and concerts. Handel was born in Germany in the same year as Johann Sebastian Bach and Domenico Scarlatti. He received musical training in Italy before settling in London and received British citizenship. His works include Messiah, Water Music and Music for the Royal Fireworks. He was influenced by the great Italian Baroque composers and the English composer Henry Purcell. Many composers have known and been inspired by Handel's music, including Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.

      Handel composed 42 operas, 29 oratorios, more than 120 cantatas, trios and duets, numerous arias, chamber music pieces, a large number of other works, odes and serenades and 16 concerti for organ. His most famous work, the oratorio Messiah with the Hallelujah Chorus is among the most popular works for choir and has become a Christmas classic.

      Handel's works are cataloged in the Händel-Werke-Verzeichnis and are often cited with a reference to that list in the form of a HWV number. Messiah has such number HWV 56

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    • Haydn. CD & DVD.

      Franz Joseph Haydn can someone called Viennese Classics father. He was highly admired by his contemporaries and an important figure in the creation of the classical symphony and string quartet.

      Haydn's output of 340 hours of music is huge and counts among 104 numbered symphonies, many quartets, 43 piano trios, countless fairs, oratorios and operas, most of which can be described as masterpieces. His resourcefulness was great and he found many ingenious solutions to compositional problems.

      In 1796 Haydn wrote 'Concerto in E minor for Trumpet' for Anton Weidinger, who had just invented the predecessor of the valve trumpet. Here explored Haydn trumpeting's opportunities to an extent that did the work for one of the favorite among trumpetister to this day.

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    • Hindemith, CD

      Paul Hindemith (16 November 1895 - 28 December 1963) was a German violist and composer.

      His works are really good and among the most distinctive in the 20th century. It is said that he could play all the instruments that he has written. He has written: 9 operas: Mathis der Maler (1934), Cardillac. 4 ballets: Nobilissima visione. 6 choral works: When Lilacs Last in the Door Yard Bloom'd. 5 symphonies, Madrigals, motets, works for choir. Songs: Das Leben Marie. 7 pieces of chamber music. 12 concerts: The four temperaments, Symphonic Metamorphoses (1943), Concert Music (1930), The Schwanendreher (1935) mm It is said that Hindemith himself mastered all the instruments in the orchestra

      Paul Hindemith settled in 1939 into the United States.

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    • Holmboe, Vagn. CD

      Vagn Holmboe (20 December 1909 Horsens - 1st September 1996 Ramløse) was a Danish composer. He was 17-year old recorded and later trained at the Royal. Danish Academy of Music as a student of such Knud Jeppesen and Finn Høffding. He studied in Berlin in 1930 and in Romania from 1933 to 1934. In the first year in Romania, he married the Romanian pianist Meta Graf May.

      Vagn Holmboe was music critic at Politiken 1947-1955. From 1950, he was a teacher and from 1955 to 1965 professor of theory and composition at the Royal. Danish Academy of Music. He had several positions of trust in the Danish music scene and was through life a prolific writer.

      Holmboe's production includes more than 400 works in virtually every genre. Among the works for choir a cappella include Liber Canticorum and Songs from vårdybet to poems by William Heinesen. He has also written 13 symphonies as well as the satirical opera the knife (1963).

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    • Honegger, CD

      Arthur Honegger (10 March 1892 in Le Havre - November 27, 1955 in Paris), Was an Swiss-French composer. He was one of modern music's prominent figures. A prolific composer, who was eager to describe transformations in society, including arts and sports. Honegger wrote for theater, radio and cinema (it was time for silent films) and the concert hall: ballets, songs, chamber music, film scores, operas, oratorios and five symphonies. Also a new genre Mouvements Symphoniques (movement symphonies), illustrating sport and machinery, part of his repertoire.

      Honegger was with the group of younger composers around Erik Satie - circuit, which later became known as Les Six. One of his most famous works are the oratorio Jeanne d'Arc at the stake (Jeanne d'Arc au Bucher) from 1935. The most argued orchestral work is probably Pacific 231, which has been interpreted as the imitation of the sound of a steam locomotive. From 2 World War start and until his death, wrote Honegger his last four symphonies (Nos. two to five), which is considered among the most powerful symphonic works of the 20th century.

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    • Humperdinck, CD

      Engelbert Humperdinck (1 September 1854 - 27 September 1921) was a German opera composer, he was closely associated with Richard Wagner, whom he helped with the setup of Parsifal. His biggest success was the opera Hansel and Gretel. His hot temper came into its own in his romances ..

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