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  • Janacek, Leos. CD

    Leoš Janácek was born in Moravia, the son of a schoolteacher. He sang as a boy in the choir in Brno and came as a young man to Prague to study music. At the same time he taught and conducted various amateur choirs. He also studied in Leipzig and Vienna. In 1881 he returned to Brno, where he founded an organ school, which later became a conservatory. He was a school director in the period 1903-20.

    In Prague, Janácek friend of Antonín Dvorák and inspired by him he composed in a fairly traditional romantic style. But in Brno changed his musical style, and he began to incorporate elements of Czech and Slovak folk music in his works. Elements such as rhythm and tone of language, among other things found in the very special melody voices in his opera Jenufa from, 1904. The opera was some delay great success in their home country when he was age of sixty. The recognition procured him a professorship at the Conservatory in Prague.

    It is the music he wrote from the mid-1910s, are the most famous, but the style of these late works glimpsed many years earlier. Janácek belonging to the wave of veristiske composers from the 20th century, which sought to achieve a higher level of realism and connection to everyday life.

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