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  • Lalo, CD

    Edouard Lalo, was a French composer who is almost gone completely forgotten, except for some works. And it's completely undeserved, as his Symphonie Espagnole belongs in among the best violin concertos ever written. He also wrote an opera Le roi d'Ys, where only the overture are played today, and some songs.

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  • Lange-Müller, CD

    P.E. Lange-Müller (December 1, 1850 - February 26, 1926) was a Danish composer.

    He wrote two symphonies, a violin concerto, several orchestral suites and four operas. In addition, he wrote large or small amounts of music for a variety of plays, including his greatest success, the music for Holger Drachmanns adventure games Once upon which includes Midsummer ballad.

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  • Rued Langgaard, CD

    Rued Langgaard (1893-1952) was a Danish organist and composer. He was the son of composer and pianist Siegfried Lang says. At age 11, he caused a stir with his improvisations on the new organ at the Marble Church and was an early (1917) described as an antisocial weirdo. Langgaard preferred a late romantic music language that shows some influence of Richard Strauss, but also wrote radically experimental pieces. He was opposed by many contemporary trends in the Danish church music and felt an opposition compared to the leading composer Carl Nielsen. Langgaard searched for 20 years positions as organist, but was passed over until he was quite late in life was "sent into internal exile" as cathedral organist in Ribe.

    Rued Langgaard composed several large orchestral works. Although he was a Protestant, was Langgaard attracted to both Catholicism, theosophical philosophy and mysticism. For him, the music and the Christian intellectual baggage two sides of the same world. His music also bears the titles Pit Music, Flood Sol, the Antichrist and the Music of the Spheres. Opera Antichrist is the first Danish opera released on DVD in May 2005. Langgaards own text for the opera shows a peculiar language. The opera is recorded in the Danish product.

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  • Lehar, Franz. CD

    Franz Lehár born (30 April 1870 - 24 October 1948) was an Austro-Hungarian composer.

    He is the leading operetta composer of the 20th century. He was an excellent musician and able to write entertainment music of a quality that was not common. He is best known from the many operettas:

    The Merry Widow (1905) The Count of Luxembourg (1909) Zigeunerliebe (1910) Frasquita (1922), Paganini (1925) Zarewitsch (1927) Land of Smiles (1929) Giuditta (1934) Gold und Silber from 1899.

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  • Leoncavallo, CD

    Ruggiero Leoncavallo (23 April 1857 - 9 August 1919) was an Italian composer.
    Life and work: He won worldwide fame with his opera I Pagliacci (Bajadser) from 1892.

    He also had some success with his La Bohème, who could not stand up against Giacomo Puccini's opera on the same subject.

    In the spring of 1892 met Puccini and Leoncavallo in the small Swiss village Vacallo. Leoncavallo offered Puccini a text he had written after Henri Murger's novel Scènes de la Vie de Bohème. Puccini declined the offer, but have probably been a little suspicious of the offer, which perhaps because Leoncavallo did not consider the text of particularly valuable and not even wanted to compose it.

    Puccini's edition was a great success, while Leoncavallos was doomed in advance and barely played since. He also wrote operettas and songs, of which La Mattinata has become popular.

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  • Liszt, Franz. CD

    Franz Liszt (Liszt Ferenc) (22 October 1811 - 31 July 1886) was a Hungarian composer, pianist and conductor.

    Liszt was his time famous piano virtuoso and reformed piano technique, so there's been so many innovations to the side, but only in the present, he is by achieving full recognition as a composer.

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  • Lutoslawski, CD

    Witold Lutoslawski studied piano and composition in Warsaw, and his first works were inspired by Polish folk music. He began to develop his own style in the late 1950s, and his compositions since then has incorporated his own methods of building harmonies small groups of intervals. There are also elements of chance in rhythm. He has written four symphonies, an orchestral concert, several other concerts, chamber music and song cycles.
    During the communist regime in Poland, he was banned by the regime as "formalist" and his music was only available to the elite for many years. In the 1980s, supported Lutoslawski Solidarnos movement, and after the regime change in 1989 he was rehabilitated.

    He received several awards, including the 1967 Léonie Sonning Music Prize and 1993 Polar Music Prize.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 91 items