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    • Saint Saens, CD

      Camille Saint-Saëns was a French composer (9 October 1835 - 16 December 1921).

      He was of the contemporary highly acclaimed for its exuberant style of music that united the most pompous of romance with one for him distinctive impressionistic tone and dynamics. Was originally trained as an organist in Paris, and later conductor, although he rarely even directed his works.

      He wrote twelve operas (among other Samson and Delilah), five symphonies, four symphonic poems (including "Danse Macabre"), shorter works for orchestra and soloists (among other "Animal Carnival"), as well as countless smaller choral works and chamber music.

      His most frequently performed work is the Third Symphony, often called "Organ Symphony", which quite unusual written for symphony orchestra and organ.

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    • Satie, Erik, CD

      Erik Satie (1866 - 1925) was a French composer and pianist.

      He was a close friend of Claude Debussy and served as inspiration for many of Debussy's more progressive ideas.

      Satie detested the French musical ideal and was fascinated by HC Andersen and Vikings. Therefore, he signed his works with Erik K. His distaste for the traditional is also seen in his quirky titles (eg. "Trois Morceaux en forme de poire" - Three pear-shaped pieces) and the comments he wrote to the musician in his music instead for traditional Italian empathetic expression.

      Satie was an eccentric whose thought processes were completely different than everyone else's. He lived alone in a room like no one else had access to. He gathered umbrellas in the hundreds, and summer and winter he went in striped pants and morning dress. Among other things, therefore he was not really accepted by contemporary music critics and other musicians. This changed somewhat since Maurice Ravel in 1911 argued some of Satie's early pieces.

      He wrote 150 pieces for piano, incl. the most perhaps the most popular; Trois Gymnopédies (1888).

      Satie also wrote 14 songs. 6 stage works: Parade (1917) and Relache, Socrate (1919).
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    • Scarlatti, CD

      Domenico Scarlatti (born 26 October 1685 in Naples, died July 23, 1757 in Madrid) was an Italian composer and harpsichordist.

      Domenico Scarlatti was the son and pupil of Alessandro Scarlatti. After some years as a composer and organist in his hometown, he spent a period in Venice. In 1709 he moved to Rome, where he was employed by the exiled Polish queen Maria Casimira, for whose private theater he created a number of operas, including La Sylvia and Amor d'un ombra. When the queen left the city took Scarlatti short service with the Portuguese ambassador. 1715-19 he was conductor of Cappella Giuliana at St. Peter's Basilica, where he performed his big Stabat Mater. From 1720 or 1721 he was conductor at the Portuguese court and harpsichord teacher of Princess Maria Barbara. He came with his student when she in 1729 became Queen of Spain. He maintained throughout life related to Maria Barbara, whom he dedicated his possibly last work, Salva Regina.

      Scarlatti composed in a variety of genres, but it is his 555 or more short sonatas for harpsichord, which has earned him status as one of music history's great composers

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    • Schubert, CD

      Franz Schubert (31 January 1797 - 19 November 1828) was an Austrian composer and pianist. Schubert is the realization of the myth of the artist: he died young, poor and unknown and was soon thereafter immensely famous and has been continuous ever since.

      Schubert is best known for his lieder, an art form, where he very early reached maturity and widely regarded as the greatest of all composers. In other genres, he was slower to grow beyond being a charming representative of the contemporary Viennese classical standard product and find his own style.

      In addition liederne wrote Schubert masterpieces of symphonies, piano music, chamber music and church choir. His operas have been largely overlooked until late in the 20th century, but has now begun to arouse interest.

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    • Schumann, CD

      Robert Schumann (1810-1856) was a German pianist, writer and composer. He was married to pianist and composer Clara Schumann.

      His piano pieces and songs are among the most inventive and poetic of the time. After a nervous breakdown in 1851 he composed little, and he died insane.

      He wrote piano works Arabesque, Papillons, Kreisleriana, Faschingsschwank aus Wien, Carnaval (Op. 9) (1839), Abegg Variation, Kinderszenen (op. 15) 1838 Albums für die Jugend and Davidsbündlertänze.

      He wrote four symphonies, Introduction and Allegro. Opera: Genoveva. Märchenbilder, Scenes from Goethe's Faust, Requiem für Mignon, Das Paradies und die Peri, The Rose Pilgerfahrt. Romances and ballads. Over 250 songs: Dichterliebe Op 48, Frauenliebe und Leben, Widmung Opus 25 No. 1 (1840). Liederkreis. Piano Concerto Opus 54 (1841/45). His violin concerto from 1853 was first listed in 1937.

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    • Schöenberg, CD

      Arnold Schönberg (13 September 1874 - 13 July 1951) was an Austrian composer and music theorist. His name is connected enough most of twelve-tone music, but actually he composed himself in several different styles. Some of his most famous works written in the late romantic style.

      In 1911 settled Schoenberg in Berlin. After Hitler's seizure of power in 1933, he preferred the jew to emigrate, first to France and then on to the U.S., where he stayed until his death. In 1941 he became an American citizen.
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    • Scriabin, CD

      Scriabin wrote magnificent romantic orchestral works, but first and foremost piano music. The first works for piano was indebted to Chopin and Liszt, but he continued in his own style. With its mysterious chord he was one of the composers who around 1900 helped to dissolve the customary major-minor tonality. He also wrote tone poems for orchestra and three symphonies.

      Scriabin was probably crazy.

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    • Shostakovich, CD

      Dmitri Shostakovich, 25 September 1906 in St. Petersburg, - 9 August 1975 in Moscow) was a Russian composer and pianist.

      The entire Shostakovich activities as a composer and musician fell in the Soviet period. Shostakovich and Soviet had an ambivalent relationship to each other, on the one hand, he was honored as a national composer and was a public face for the state, and on the other he was repeatedly touted as "formalist" and his works were banned. In 1936, Shostakovich for the first time condemned publicly, it was for his great operatic work Lady Macbeth of Minsk in 1934 had actually been a great success. That same year he also published his Fourth Symphony, which he quickly pulled back due to the political climate in the country. The symphony was first listed for orchestra in 1961 (it was in 1946 published the piano in a revised edition). On 5 symphony was more conservative than the previous one and was well received.

      Shostakovich composed in a variety of musical genres. He is probably best known for his 15 symphonies, but also, for example. his piano music and his 15 string quartets have had a firm place in the repertoire. He has also composed music for numerous films and ballets.

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    • Sibelius, CD

      Jean Sibelius (8 December 1865 - 20 September 1957) is Finland's national composer. He is also internationally the most recognized composers from the period around 1900, and he is part of Carl Nielsen (Denmark), Edvard Grieg (Norway) and Bedřich Smetana (Czech Republic) to national romantics. Sibelius was born when Finland was Russian. His music has played an important role in the formation of a Finnish national identity. Finland's major music conservatory, Sibelius Academy, one of the largest in Europe was in 1939 named after Sibelius, who had received his education there.

      He is best known for the violin concerto, the seven symphonies, and his tone poems.

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    • Smetana, CD

      Bedrich Smetana (1824-1884) was a Czech composer who was in charge of a musical style which became closely associated with his country's desire for independence. He is regarded as largely in his homeland as the Czech music's father. Internationally he is best known for his opera The Bartered Bride and the symphonic cycle Má vlast ("My Fatherland") which portrays the composer's homeland history, legends and landscape.

      Smetana was a gifted pianist and gave his first public performance at the age of six years. After schooling, he studied music under Josef Proksch in Prague. His first nationalistic music was written during the uprising in Prague in 1848, which he briefly participated in. Not having been able to establish a career in Prague, he left the country and went to Sweden, where he started as a teacher and choirmaster in Gothenburg, and began writing large orchestral works. In this period Smetana married twice, his six daughters died three as infants.

      In the early 1860s turned Smetana - encouraged by a more liberal political climate in Bohemia - permanently back to Prague. He threw himself into the city's musical life, primarily as a champion of the new Czech opera. In 1866 got his first two operas, Brandenburgers and The Bartered Bride, premiered at Prague's new theater, Prozatímní divadlo, the latter opera gained great popularity. In the same year, Smetana theater's chief conductor, but the years of his leadership was marked by controversy. Groupings within the city's musical life felt that his interest in Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner's ideas were harmful to the development of a specifically Czech opera style. This opposition interfered with his creative work and may have weakened his health, he retired from the theater in 1874.

      By the end of 1874 Smetana been completely deaf, but without responsibility for the theater and the related controversies he found time to compose and did it continuously for almost the rest of his life. His contributions to Czech music were increasingly recognized and honored, but a mental collapse early in 1884 led to hospitalization and his subsequent death. Smetana's reputation as founder of Czech music has persisted in the home country, where his advocates have raised him above his contemporaries and successors. Relatively few of Smetana's works are, however, come at the international repertoire, as many abroad believe that Antonín Dvorák is a more significant Czech composer.

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    • Spohr, Louis. CD

      Louis Spohr (5 April 1784 - 22 October 1859) was a German composer, violinist and conductor.

      He was one of his era's most celebrated violinists. Wrote 9 symphonies and left a tenth unfinished, he wrote 15 violin concertos and 4 clarinet concerts, 10 operas as well as other concerts for solo instruments.

      His violin school of 1831 has up to the present day had a fundamental impact on violinisters education.

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    • Strauss, Johann II, CD

      Johann Strauss II. (25 October 1825 - 3 June 1899) was an Austrian composer and conductor. He was the son of Johann Strauss the Elder and brother of Joseph Strauss.

      Unlike his father, he had a good musical education, and even before his father's death, he began slowly to outshine him. He toured extensively in Europe and became internationally known as the "waltz king".

      Strauss' works are especially within the more accessible genre as roller and other dances, and many of them are still known and beloved.

      He wrote:
      400 waltzes, including: An der schönen blauen Donau Op 314 (1867) Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald Künstlerleben Morgenblätter Kaiserwalzer Rosen aus dem Süden Frühlingsstimmen Wein, Weib und Gesang 300 polkas / orchestral pieces, including: Unter Donner und Blitz champagnes Gallop Perpetuum mobile Tritsch Tratsch Polka Op 214 (1858) Pizzicato Polka 16 operettas, among other things: Fledermaus (1874) One night in Venice Zigeunerbaronen Wiener Blut.

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    • Strauss, Richard. CD

      Richard Strauss (1864-1949) was a German composer and conductor.

      His most popular orchestral works Also sprach Zarathustra and the variations of Don Quixote. Has also written two youth symphonies, ten symphonic poems: Ein Heldenleben, Tod und Verklärung, Till Eulenspiegel opus 28 in 1895 and Don Juan.

      15 operas such as Salome, Elektra, Der Rosenkavalier from 1911, Ariadne auf Naxos, Arabella.

      Ballets: Joseph Legend and Schlagobers and approx. 200 songs: incl. Vier letzte Lieder from 1948.

      Richard Strauss was killed by a nervous American soldier when one night he went outside to light up a cigar.

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    • Stravinsky, CD

      Igor Stravinsky Fjodorovitj (June 17, 1882 - April 6, 1971) was a Russian-French-American composer.

      Stravinsky was the most famous student of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and was through much of the 20th century the most distinguished classical composer. It characterizes his music the most is the great inspiration from folk music. This is reflected at the very widespread use of pentatonic scales.

      His most famous works include, among others Petrushka, Le Sacre du Printemps (Spring victim) and L'history du Soldat (The Story of a Soldier). Operas of Stravinsky: The Nightingale (1914), Mavra (1922), Renard (1922), Oedipus Rex (1927), Persephone (1934), vice road (The Rake's Progress, 1951), and The Flood (1962).

      He has also composed three symphonies.

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    • Suk, Josef. CD

      Josef Suk 1874 - 1935 was a Czech composer and violinist.

      Suk studied composition and violin at the Conservatory of Music in Prague at Antonin Dvorak, from (1885 to 1892).

      From 1922 he taught at the Prague Conservatory, where he Bohuslav Martinu had, as a student.

      Suk composed in romantic style. He has composed two symphonies, orchestral works, string quartets and piano and violin music.

      His second symphony Asrael, is probably his best known work.

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    • Suppé, CD

      Franz von Suppé was an Austrian composer who lived between 1819-1895. Suppé made a part operas but only the ouvertures are known today.

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    • Szymanovski, CD

      Karol Szymanowski (1882 - 1937) was a Polish composer and pianist. Szymanowski composed in a variety of musical genres and with consistently high quality. His best-known work is probably Symphony No. 3 Night song.

      Szymanowski was inspired by composers such as Richard Wagner, Richard Strauss, Max Reger, Alexander Scriabin and the Impressionists Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. He was also influenced by fellow countryman Chopin and Polish folk music. Like Chopin wrote Szymanowski several mazurkas for piano.

      Works: 4 symphonies. 2 violin concertos. More ballets. Opera are Hagith and Król Roger (King Roger). Piano music, including four etudes, mazurkas and many metopes. Two string quartets. More orchestral songs. Stabat Mater. Sonata for violin and piano.

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