To guide our customers, we have graded our best sounding LPs (Vinyl) and CDs.

TG = Technically Good: The recording quality is above average by sounding more open and natural.

TF = Technically Fabulous: The recording is significantly above average with a superb dynamic range, very good tonal balance, and excellent three-dimensional perspective.

TE = Technically Excellent: Our best technical grade where everything is perfect. Such as stereo and depth of perspective, sound balance, soloists and voices are rendered openly and effortlessly. The dynamic range of the recording is close to the direct cut.

TE + = Where all the technical extremes are joined together.

The difference between a TE and a TE + recordings can only be heard on a real reference hi-fi system.

If a recording has not assigned a technical grade it does not mean that it sounds bad, only average.

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