Nigel Kennedy Quintet. Melody & Invention. 2 CD. EMI

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Nigel Kennedy Quintet. Melody & Invention.

2 CD. EMI 213171-2 

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Nigel Kennedy Quintet. Melody & Invention.

2 CD. EMI 213171-2



A Very Nice Album


CD 1 – “Melody”

1. Donovan

2. Carnivore Of The Animals

3. Nice Bottle Of Beaujolair, Innit?

4. Link1

5. Boo Boooz Blooooze

6. Hills Of Saturn

7. Link 2

8. Invaders


CD 2 – “Invention”

1. Intro

2. 15 Stones

3. Link 3

4. Cloud

5. Where All Paths Meet

6. Link 4

7. Out

8. Link 5

9. Father And Son

10. Link 6

11. Hudson’s Ibitha


Adam Kowalewski (bass), Paweł Dobrowolski (drums), Tomasz Grzegorski (tenor sax), Piotr Wyleżoł (piano), Xantoné Blacq (vocals)


This brand new recording of jazz and world-influenced music features NKQ (the Nigel Kennedy Quintet) plus special guests in works written by the irrepressible violinist Nigel Kennedy.


Nigel now lives in Poland and plays a major part in Krakow’s trendy jazz scene, performing in all its jazz clubs and bars. Over the course of the last few years he has been influenced by the wide variety of music he has encountered and has built up a deep rapport with some of Poland’s finest jazz musicians, several of whom now form his quintet.


“There are only very few who can do both: classical music and jazz. Nigel Kennedy is part of this rare species.” Kurier, Germany


EMI 2131712

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